Last Week

This week was our last week and it’s so unreal. Seven weeks ago, I stood in Glow Touch Technologies scared and unsure of everything. But now I feel like I can accomplish anything as long as I put my mind and heart into it. I’ve made bonds with all the girls at Empowered and it hurts to leave them. I have to remind myself that this isn’t good bye this is just our opportunity to use what we’ve learned and share it with others. I leave Empowered more confident, eager to learn, and wanting to grab all the opportunities that are available to me. As of now this chapter is coming to an end, see ya later Empowered.

Week 6 YPAR

We started our YPAR (Youth Participatory Action Research) website project, and for two days I was a little lost. Wednesday we got it together and finally got the ball rolling. I’m ready to see what the finished project will look like after we put the video on the website Monday morning. I feel extremely professional making this website and hopefully I can use this for the next project I get when school starts.

Week 5 Still Alive

Last week we began Swift, and Dr. Franklin came in as a speaker along with a former participant in Empowered, Akwelle. Everything Dr. Franklin did was pretty impressive I’d never see myself going through another 12 years of school willingly. You could tell that she was dedicated to being an OB/GYN. Something that stuck with me from what she said was that sometimes you have to battle with uncertainty and that time is something we have 0 control over.

This week I continued Swift playgrounds. At first I enjoyed it, but as it got harder and harder I started to despise it and realize how much I really dislike video games. I tended to get irritated with characters because when I didn’t progress they made these rude movements, so I’d switch them out. At times I’d be stuck for half an hour before passing the level, and this week I finally started to ask for and need help.

Week 4 There’s More

This was different from EVERY other week I’ve had. I think it was because of the break we had in between the week on Wednesday for the 4th of July.  I’m in love with my resume/blog website I think it’s so cute. I kind of got burnt out this week just a little bit, so I’m happy were moving a little past website building and on to something new next week. Alicia’s presentation on bonding today was a great reminder on the opportunity we have right in front of us with each other.  We should take advantage of that and create new friendships.

Week Thrizzy 3

Last week was very relaxed, yet mostly focused until Wednesday. On the 27th, we got the mission to design websites for a business by the end of the day. Immediately I panicked. I was scared that my group wouldn’t get it done especially because we had no idea what direction our client was going. I feel like we worked collaboratively in our group and each brought interesting and unique ideas to the table. Also, our speakers last week gave us new concepts to think about.

Week 2 Exploration

This week was not like last week. I finally got to start my website on Wednesday and I thought that I would absolutely love it and have no issues… but there were several complications. I didn’t have as much structure as I did in Treehouse and I was free to do whatever I please, which is great until you realize you don’t know what you want to do at all. My website has come along a little bit, but it’s not how I’d picture it. Our speakers this week were phenomenal, I think my favorite part of the speakers that we have in general is that they all leave us with a message that can be applied to things other than technology. The main things that stuck with me were from Ms. Stacy Servo, she reminded us that we should always ask ourselves why before start anything, everytime you’re learning you’re essentially learning to learn, and that it’s always best to ask advice from multiple people before making decisions. Our other speaker this week Dr. Angeline Johnson reminded us that things change all the time and that there’s no possible way to stay stationary. So, I realize that I’m going to have more open to change and all the frustrations that may come with it.

Although our founder left us today, I loved how we ended this week! From the despedida to Alicia’s talent sponsored by her Singetry. It revealed a group full of talent and unique interests that I knew was present, but fully learned its dynamic until today. I’m slowly growing an attachment to these young ladies and hopefully from this we develop strong friendships that a long time. I enjoy the encouragement and positivity we gain from each other daily.  Until next week!

Week 1 Momentum

For my first week of Empowered I was extremely proud of myself for trying something new and going out of my comfort zone.

The most challenging part of TreeHouse was understanding the concepts, which would be hard for anybody learning new material. At first the website coding HTML and CSS seemed like a huge wall of words that I’d never understand. I felt extremely overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do, but then I reminded myself that learning new things comes with a process. The interesting part of TreeHouse is how well they are able to explain complex information and convert it into something simple and easy to understand. Now I’m steadily learning new techniques and vocabulary that build on the previous lessons that I learn, and I’m slowly but surely developing good web design techniques.

The biggest take away I’ve gotten from our speakers is that everything comes with practice, experience, and diligence. When we were introduced to our speakers and learned what they did we were all stunned by what they’ve accomplished. Yet, they both reminded us that it happened over a period of time not just right away. Personally I have an issue with patience and letting things gradually come. Normally I just wanted it to happen right then and there, through this I think I’ll have better discipline with my patience. They also opened my eyes up to how important tech is today, and the various opportunities there are to use it. I love seeing successful people talk passionately about what they believe. It made me want to be able to fill their shoes, or put on my own, one day especially Ms. Fitzpatrick.

I’m really excited about what’s next because I know in my heart that something amazing is going to come out of all this frustrating work. I like how we are already creating bonds and feel comfortable with each other. I wish this is how it always is between young ladies, but unfortunately that’s not always the case.